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Hey Stevo, thanks for building my son’s YZ112 Supermini motor. This thing rips and is super smooth...



WANTED: Your Cores

Got spent crank and / or cylinder cores?  We'll take 'em!  And we'll compensate you for any core we receive that can be rebuilt.  Get in touch and send or bring it on in!

Tech Tips

Tech Tip #7

For Four Stroke riders including pit bikers, we strongly suggest constantly adding fuel conditioner and stabilizer to the $3.30/gallon gasoline that America's oil industries are giving us. This gas goes bad so fast it is almost a given it will clog your pilot jet. The smaller the hole, the easier it is to clog. We use Spectro FC Premium which is a great product to help ward off this problem.

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Our Story

Steve LaPointe, aka Stevo or "The Wizard" started Surf & Turf Racing in 1987 as a machine shop (known then as Hillside Machine, Inc.) doing much of his work for the fiber optic industry. He has been a machinist for almost 35 years. In 1996 he changed the name to Surf & Turf Racing, Inc. and became more involved in Motocross racing, his first love.

Loaded up and ready to go in the "pickup"Steve has been involved with dirt bikes since the age of 14. Back when Steve began racing, you did not have mechanics and you did not always have the support of your parents. You loaded up your bike on whatever you had (pick-up, station wagon, van if you were lucky) and headed to the races. Between races and once you were back home you did all your own wrenching. New bikes (which you some how earned yourself while going to school, etc.) were immediately stripped down when you got home. This was the way you learned to properly maintain a dirt bike.  To this day Steve still strips down and rebuilds his own new bikes as soon as he gets them back to the shop.


1980 Central Village, CT

The Surf & Turf Racing facility has a complete CNC machine shop with state of the art equipment to meet all your machining needs. We also have on the premises an extremely technical motocross track, fondly known as "the mini dilla" where we test our riders and their machines. All parts and accessories we offer for sale are also tested to be sure they meet the highest standards. We only endorse products we use and are not brand loyal.

STR is also one of only a few places in the country to have a crank balancing machine, built to our specifications.  Although a costly investment, it is an extremely important part of our motor building program.   We strongly believe a balanced crank makes the difference in a well built race motor.

Steve is continually creating innovative ideas and new products. His pride, attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction has earned Surf & Turf, now recognized simply as STR, a solid reputation from coast to coast. If you are lucky, you might even catch "The Wizard" suited up and racing the Vet A class at a few select venues.



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