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Hey Stevo, thanks for building my son’s YZ112 Supermini motor. This thing rips and is super smooth...



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Got spent crank and / or cylinder cores?  We'll take 'em!  And we'll compensate you for any core we receive that can be rebuilt.  Get in touch and send or bring it on in!

Rider Profiles


Marissa MarkelonMarissa resides in Connecticut and rides a YZ 250F in the WMX Pro class.  Her sponsors are Rock River Powersports, Yamaha, Doug Henry, Factory Connection, FMF, Fox Racing, Scott Goggles, Tag Metals, Surf & Turf, Roost MX Graphics, Monster Energy, Asterisk, K&N, GYTR, XTrig, Lift Masters, Powermadd, Millennium Technologies, Mom & Dad and all her friends and family.  Marissa's favorite track is Chaney Ranch in California.  Her favorite races to compete in are the Loretta Lynn's and New England Race of Champions.  Her favorite races to watch are the Motocross des Nations and all of the Pro Nationals.  Marissa's major accomplishments are getting 3rd overall at Loretta's in 2010 and finishing off 6th overall at Freestone in 2011.  Her future goals include finishing off 2011 in the top 10 and next year she wants to be in a position to get a championship.  She also wants to race in the XGames.  Outside of Motocross -  Marissa's favorite music genre is Country and she and "The Wizard" have had quite a few jam sessions.  Besides riding and racing she loves mountain biking and cycling as well as some snowboarding and skating.  When she isn't doing any of those things she likes "being a beach bum!!"  Marissa would like to thank all her sponsors as well as her friends, family, fans and everyone she races with.  "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the people that have been behind me for all these years. I admire Doug Henry more than anybody I think. Especially working with him this past year...He's helped me so much".

Nate Page Nate lives in New Hampshire where he competes as an expert on his STR built Supermini KX 125/153.  His sponsors are STR Performance Engines and Factory Connection.  Nate's favorite track is Broome Tioga and his favorite race to compete in is the Kawasaki Race of Champions.  His favorite race to watch is Las Vegas.  He is proud to be a New York State Champion in the 85 12-14 class and a Maine State Champion in the 85A.  Nate would like to turn professional in the sport of Motocross.  Outside of Motocross - Nate's favorite music genre is Metal.  Besides riding and racing he likes to play baseball.  When he isn't doing that he likes to play video games.  Although Nate does not admire any one person in particular, he would like to thank his Dad, "without him I'd be no where and Steve has done alot for me and I can't thank them enough".

 Will AgnewWill resides in Massachusetts and rides a Kawasaki in the 85B Super Mini/Jr. Mini 125 Youth C.  His sponsors are Pilgrim Power Sports, STR and Gaerne Boots.  His favorite track is Gator Back MX 207 and his favorite race to compete in is the Mini O's.  Will likes to watch the Nationals best.  He is most proud of his 3rd at the Mini O's in 2008 and a 1st place at the AMA Arenacross World Championship.  His goal is "to do the best I can".  Outside of Motocross - Will likes any type of music.  When he isn't racing he enjoys golf, basketball, fishing and snowmobiling.  When he isn't doing those things he likes to do anything outside, play with his dogs, camping, riding BMX/gas scooter and hanging out with friends.  Will most admires Travis Pastrana.  He would like to thank his Mom & Dad, STR, Pilgrim Power Sports and Gaerne Boots. 

Pat Mulhern also lives in Massachusetts and rides a Kawasaki as an Amateur.  Pat's sponsors include Everlast Tree and Aggresive Graphix.  His favorite tracks are Englishtown or 207.  Favorite race to compete in is the Loretta Lynn Qualifiers and favorite race to watch is the Southwick Nationals.  Pat's major accomplishments include winning an 85A Championship and Super Mini in '09.  His future goal "I want to make Loretta's".  Outside of Motocross - Pat likes rock and country music.  Besides racing he likes to ride his bike.  When he isn't doing those things he "loves to work".  Pat most admires Jimmy Decotis.  He would like to thank "Mom, Dad and Steve at STR".

Shannon FlemingShannon Fleming lives in Connecticut and is an Amatuer on a Kawasaki.  Her sponsors are Belray, Answer Gear, Carquest, Auto Specialties, Dragon Race Fuel, Astrisk, Pro-Taper, Twin Air and C-Cycle.  Shannon's favorite tracks are Broome Tioga and MX 207.  She most enjoys competing in the New Hampshire Challenge and New York races and likes to watch the Women Pro Nationals the best.  Shannon's major accomplishments are winning the 65cc C 10-11 Winchester Championship and the New Hampshire Challenge, 8th at Lorettas in 2011 and won the Kawasaki Race of Champions.  Her future goals are to "do good at Loretta Lynns and to race KROC" and to race Amateur Nationals.  Outside of Motocross - Shannon likes rap and listens to KISS 95.7.  Besides Motocross she likes to figure skate, ski, surf and run.  When she isn't riding/racing you will find her shopping or figure skating.  Shannon most looks up to her dad and she would like to thank him, Belray and Surf & Turf.

Ben Brouillard resides in Brooklyn, CT.  He rides a Yamaha SuperMini.  Ben's sponsors are STR, Tek Graphics, Motorsports Nation and Xpro.  His favorite track was the Loretta Lynn's 2010 track and this was also his favorite race to compete in.  Ben likes to watch any race.  His major accomplishments are 21st in stock, 23rd in mod '85 9-11 and making Loretta's in 2010.  His future goals are to finish in the top 10 at a Loretta Lynn National Amateur Championship and to get his pro license and race pro.  Outside of Motocross - Ben's favorite music is rap.  When not racing he likes cross country running and golf.  When he isn't doing those things he likes to "hang out with friends".  Ben most looks up to Michael Thomas Dupont.  He would like to thank his Mom, Dad, Sister, Aunt Rene, Grandma Madora, Mike Dupont, Ty Gagnon, Steve LaPointe, guys at Motorsports and Billy Ainsworth.





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