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Hey Stevo, thanks for building my son’s YZ112 Supermini motor. This thing rips and is super smooth...



WANTED: Your Cores

Got spent crank and / or cylinder cores?  We'll take 'em!  And we'll compensate you for any core we receive that can be rebuilt.  Get in touch and send or bring it on in!

Tech Tips

Tech Tip #6

The three major contributors to engine failure are dirt, detonation and water. We can control detonation with race fuel and we can keep water out by replacing O-rings on exhaust and making sure none enters when pressure washing. Dirt is up to you! We have told you this before in previous tech tips. Dirt is the most common cause of engine failure. Since dirt can only enter through the air filter or the air boot, it is up to you to maintain these areas. The picture below illustrates catastrophic failure due to dirt.

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Let STR build your bike for peak performance!

Mod Motors
Looking for a little more?
Super Minis & Mod 85's

We're your one-stop-shop for 85cc Long Rods, Super Minis and Super Mini Supremes.  No need to buy new cranks and cylinder cores - we can rebuild them for you, saving you money.  And, we always give you your parts back so you know what was wrong and can be sure of what was replaced.

144 / 153 Kits

Tired of paying $2000 and ↑ every time you blow up your 250F.  Tired of participating in the P.C.P.? That's the "parts counter program" that the factories have created with the four stroke revolution. They try to convince you that you can't compete on a two stroke. We disagree!!!  The transition from an 85 or 105 to a 250F is too great. If you want to polish your skills for the future, we recommend staying on a 125 or better yet a 144/153.

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