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Hey Stevo, thanks for building my son’s YZ112 Supermini motor. This thing rips and is super smooth...



WANTED: Your Cores

Got spent crank and / or cylinder cores?  We'll take 'em!  And we'll compensate you for any core we receive that can be rebuilt.  Get in touch and send or bring it on in!

Tech Tips

Tech Tip #3

Four Strokes!  Magneto maintenance; take the time to remove your magneto case and remove your flywheel and clean all the debris that has built up on the magnets. This stuff is stuck there because it is metallic (not good for engine longevity).

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Mod Motors
Looking for a little more?
Two Stroke:
  • Porting - $300
  • Decking - $100
  • Head Mods - $75
  • Carb Bore - $75
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