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Hey Stevo, thanks for building my son’s YZ112 Supermini motor. This thing rips and is super smooth...



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Got spent crank and / or cylinder cores?  We'll take 'em!  And we'll compensate you for any core we receive that can be rebuilt.  Get in touch and send or bring it on in!

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Tech Tip #5

'06 - '07 YZ 125 Shifting Problems?  If you are having trouble finding neutral, you will need to replace the shifter stopper lever (part #1C3-18140-10). As you can see in the picture below, the new part on the right still has the bearing needed to control the shifting drum.  The repair requires the removal of the clutch basket.

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Monday, 02 July 2012 00:00

Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Results


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Shannon Fleming (Girls 12-15) Moto 1=10th, Moto 2=11th, Moto 3= 10th - 8th Overall

Shannon Fleming  (Women 14+) Moto 1=31st, Moto 2=30th, Moto 3= 20th - 26 Overall

Marissa Markelon  (Women 14+) Moto 1=5th, Moto 2=3rd, Moto 3= 5th - 3rd Overall

Will Agnew - (Mini Sr 12-14 Modified) Moto 1=37th, Moto 2=32nd, Moto 3=DNF - 36th Overall

Miguel Correia (Super Mini 12-15) Moto 1=11th, Moto 2=12th, Moto 3=10th - 8th Overall

Miguel Correia (Super Mini 2 13-16) Moto 1=8th, Moto 2=14th, Moto 3= 8th - 8th Overall



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