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Monday, 02 July 2012 00:00

Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Results


We are so proud of our riders for making it to Loretta's this year.  Here's how they finished:

Shannon Fleming (Girls 12-15) Moto 1=10th, Moto 2=11th, Moto 3= 10th - 8th Overall

Shannon Fleming  (Women 14+) Moto 1=31st, Moto 2=30th, Moto 3= 20th - 26 Overall

Marissa Markelon  (Women 14+) Moto 1=5th, Moto 2=3rd, Moto 3= 5th - 3rd Overall

Will Agnew - (Mini Sr 12-14 Modified) Moto 1=37th, Moto 2=32nd, Moto 3=DNF - 36th Overall

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Miguel Correia (Super Mini 2 13-16) Moto 1=8th, Moto 2=14th, Moto 3= 8th - 8th Overall