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Hey Stevo, thanks for building my son’s YZ112 Supermini motor. This thing rips and is super smooth...



WANTED: Your Cores

Got spent crank and / or cylinder cores?  We'll take 'em!  And we'll compensate you for any core we receive that can be rebuilt.  Get in touch and send or bring it on in!

Tech Tips

Tech Tip #3

Four Strokes!  Magneto maintenance; take the time to remove your magneto case and remove your flywheel and clean all the debris that has built up on the magnets. This stuff is stuck there because it is metallic (not good for engine longevity).

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Custom STR Products


KX 85/100 Power Valve     KX 85/100 Billet Hardcoated One Piece Power Valve - $199.95
     Our latest product to enhance the operation and powerband of your KX 85 or 100.
     This one piece Billet 6061 Power Valve is hardcoated to 62 Rockwell with teflon
     added for supreme sliding action.  It also allows the exhaust to be completely open
     and free of all the bumps the OEM valve gives.  Kawasaki has had the same 
     sloppy/floppy ineffective power valve for years now.  We just couldn't stand it any 

                                                                                                                                              Mikuni 32mm Flatslide                       

                                           Mukuni 32mm Flatslide Package - $525.00
Mikuni 32mm Flatslide installed   "Feed It"  Take your Super Mini to the next level.  An    overbored carburetor only gets you 
   so far.  You get a motified Mukini 32mm Flatslide carb with the necessary jets and a
   Motion Pro Vortex throttle housing and throttle cable.  Just install and feel the difference.





Power Valve Exhaust Chamber Cover

Powder coated Power Valve Exhaust Chamber Cover - $22.95   Sale $10.00
This flat cover will boost the mid range on any '95-'98 YZ 250.  Hardware included.
Gasket separate - $4.25





YZ Water Pump Impeller'93-'12 YZ 80/85 Water Pump Impeller - $99.95  Sale $70.00
If you have a YZ 80/85 with a plastic impeller (far left) the chances are very
good your water pump impeller is cracked and you don't know it.  After
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When the stock impeller cracks it gets hot and doesn't spin the way it should.
This causes overheating and possibly severe motor damage.  STR developed
a billet aluminum impeller to eliminate this problem.  You get peace of mind
knowing it is doing it's job. Don't take a chance!  It only takes about 10 minutes to
change and will save you money in the long run.


Rear Caliper Guard

Powder coated Rear Caliper Guard - $24.95   Sale $10.00

Will fit all '93-'02 YZ's.  Made from 6061 Billet Aluminum





Oil Line Guard

Oil Line Guard for '03-'05 YZ 450F - $29.95  Sale $10.00




Counter Shaft Guard

Powder coated Counter Shaft Guard - $44.95
CNC machined out of 6061 Billet Aluminum for '99-'11 YZ 250's

Limited quantities left 






Frame Guards

Frame Guards - $49.95   Sale $40.00
Black Poly Coated, Fits '96-'01 YZ 125's and 250's

Limited quantites left

Also available: 

Spacer Plate - $15.00
Modifies port timing and improves mid range for the '96 YZ 250.  Head mod required - $45.00


 STR Graphics 


Surf & Turf Racing Graphics for '96-'01 YZ's - $59.95 Sale $40.00  while supplies last
Surf & Turf Racing Graphics for '03-'05 YZF's - $59.95  Sale $40.00 while supplies last



We also have a large inventory of most genuine Yamaha OEM parts for '96-'11 YZ's - Give us a call!



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